Soft tissue surgery

From skin lump removals to caesarean sections, gastrointestinal foreign bodies to bladder stones, Dr Matt and the surgical nursing staff at Ready Vet have seen it all. Our remote location and vast distance from specialist veterinary services means we’ve become experienced at performing difficult surgery that, for people living closer to the big smoke, would otherwise be referred to a specialist.

The performance of all types of surgery is a regular event at Ready Vet (at least five days per week), so our surgical list runs like a well-oiled machine and our team is in peak condition. Our laboratory is well-equipped to properly diagnose disease prior to surgery, using microscopy, in-house blood testing, digital radiology and diagnostic ultrasound. Our extensive collection of surgical tools and anaesthetic monitoring equipment reflects our ‘patient safety is paramount’ approach to the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures.

Your pets are in good hands

Dr Matt and his team are experienced at performing some of the more advanced surgical procedures which allows Ready Vet to confidently offer procedures that many other veterinary surgeries would refer to a specialist.

A vet your pet will trust

A trip to the vet doesn’t have to be scary for your pet. We help our patients and their owners feel relaxed and comfortable.