Dental surgery

Does your pet have stinky breath? Has your pet been off its food? It might be time for a scale and clean under general anaesthetic. Dental disease is one of the most common issues we see in older dogs and cats, so we take your pet’s dental health care seriously.

Many owners are worried about having their elderly pets anaesthetised, which means that many pets continue to suffer from painful teeth and the indignity of having smelly breath. However, Dr Matt’s impeccable track record for the safe anaesthesia and surgical care of geriatric patients means that dental day at Ready Vet is always popular!

In addition to extracting any diseased teeth that have been troubling your pet, each tooth will be individually cleaned using an ultrasonic scaler and spearmint-flavoured cleaning solution to remove plaque and calculus, and leave your pet’s mouth smelling fresh. Once cleaned, each individual tooth is then polished using a spearmint-flavoured prophylaxis paste to leave the surfaces of the teeth clean and smooth so that bacteria are unable to stick to them.

Owners will receive an in-depth home care briefing from a nurse at discharge including ongoing dental care advice and a dental chart showing the vet’s findings and procedures performed.

Your pet will get the care it deserves

While most veterinary surgeries favour the ‘drop-and-run’ approach in which owners do not even see the vet on the big day, rest assured that you’ll meet the vet at admission for your pet’s free comprehensive health check where you’ll have the procedure explained and be given an opportunity to ask questions.

Our laboratory is well equipped to properly diagnose disease prior to surgery (allowing for safer anaesthesia and more tailored care) using in-house blood testing which we recommend for all geriatric patients. From there your pet will be given a comfy bed for the day in our temperature-controlled hospital, medication to reduce anxiety before surgery, regular kisses and cuddles from our nurses, a walk (for dogs), free multimodal pain relief (before and after surgery), and the privacy of separate cat and dog wards with feel-good pheromones pumping out from diffusers.

Our nurses provide regular one-on-one time throughout every pet’s stay offering affection, reassurance and attention.  

A vet your pet will trust

A trip to the vet doesn’t have to be scary for your pet. We help our patients and their owners feel relaxed and comfortable.