Why your dog will love us

Visiting the vet doesn’t have to be all bad for our doggy friends. We try to reassure our canine patients with a tasty treat and a scratch behind the ears where possible. We aim to earn their trust and friendship so they can feel brave for their visits—or even look forward to them!

We’re a dog-friendly veterinary surgery, which means we aim to understand the experience of visiting the vet from the dog’s perspective.



How do we reduce stress for dogs at Ready Vet?

Reducing stress for patients has a direct impact on healing and rehabilitation and is therefore extremely important to take into consideration.

Reception area
  • One of our nurses will be happy to greet your dog with a pat and a treat if that’s the kind of attention your dog enjoys.
  • Our nurses are also good at reading the subtle body language of dogs that would prefer not to be approached and would rather sit quietly with their owners while waiting.
  • Feel free to bring your dog for a no charge, walk-in visit, in which they can be greeted by a nurse, weighed, given a pat and a treat, and then be on their way home. This will help boost your dog’s confidence for future visits.

Consult room
  • The veterinarian uses a high pitched ‘squeaky voice’ which will make your dog feel less threatened.
  • The behavioural and handling techniques employed by our team involve reading your dog’s body language to determine how they can best be approached, handled and reassured.

Read more about our dog-friendly hospital here.

A vet your pet will trust

A trip to the vet doesn’t have to be scary for your pet. We help our patients and their owners feel relaxed and comfortable.