Why your cat will love us

You would be surprised to learn how many people find it difficult to bring their cat to the vet. Given the way in which veterinary surgeries have traditionally been designed and operated, it’s hardly surprising that our feline friends are often fearful, reluctant visitors.


Unfortunately, this fear can sometimes lead to cats not receiving the veterinary treatment they need and deserve. Some cats endure chronic illnesses for years while well-meaning owners delay stressing them out with a visit to the vet. We would love to change this by creating a lasting relationship with your cat that sees him or her return willingly to see us.

We’re a cat-friendly veterinary surgery, which means that we aim to understand the experience of visiting the vet from the cat’s perspective. While it can be easy to reassure our doggy patients with a tasty treat and a scratch behind the ears, this is not so for our feline patients. It’s much harder to earn the respect, trust and affection of a cat.


How do we reduce stress for cats at Ready Vet?

Reducing stress for patients has a direct impact on healing and rehabilitation and is therefore extremely important to take into consideration.

Reception area
  • Our cat parking zone has a dedicated elevated space for placing your cat carrier while waiting. While it may seem insignificant, cats love occupying vertical space and can feel vulnerable at floor level in the presence of dogs.
  • We understand that our doggy patients can be naturally curious! That’s ok, but we ask that dogs are kept away from this table at any time there’s a cat carrier on it and that clients with cats be given first preference to this waiting zone.
  • One of our nurses will be happy to spray your cat carrier with Feliway, which is a synthetic pheromone that reduces anxiety in cats.
  • Our nurses can also supply you with a cover throw to place over your cat carrier to allow your cat to hide in a safe, dark space while waiting.

Consult room
  • The veterinarian will use more Feliway spray to further alleviate anxiety.
  • The behavioural and handling techniques employed by our team endorse the application of minimal restraint where possible and the provision of both physical and vocal reassurance.

Read more about our cat-friendly hospital here.

A vet your pet will trust

A trip to the vet doesn’t have to be scary for your pet. We help our patients and their owners feel relaxed and comfortable.