Intensive care

Pets who require intensive care will be monitored in our hospital. Our vets are available for continuity of care over the weekend, or we can transfer your patient to Emergency Vets 24/7 in Cairns.

If admitted for care or recovering from a procedure your pet will be housed in our dedicated and separate dog or cat hospital ward. Our hospital’s pheromone diffusers emit calming pheromones that reduce anxiety, and our comfortable hospital beds have extra padding added for recumbent patients in need of a little more TLC. We encourage owners to bring a familiar blanket or toy from home to comfort pets for their stay.

We spend regular one-on-one time with all hospitalised patients, making a consistent effort to offer affection, reassurance and attention as part of all intensive care plans.

A vet your pet will trust

A trip to the vet doesn’t have to be scary for your pet. We help our patients and their owners feel relaxed and comfortable.